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Boys Girls and Adult Community Development Center

At the BGACDC you can:

The boys girls and adult community development center, commonly known as the BGACDC is a force to be reckon with. If you're taking highway 49 on your way to Helena- West Helena, you might easily pass on by the town of Marvell, Arkansas without realizing it's there. That is until you catch a glimpse of the bright pink cinder block building sitting off to a corner all by itself. This odd landscape is the BGACDC or sometimes simply referred to as the center. The center has been doing its part to serve the community in any way possible. They offer immunizations. Part of the center is a low cost restaurant dubbed the best food in town. Of course there are the tutoring, child care, and summer programs they offer. For those who are entrepreneurial the BGACDC offers FREE help for starting up businesses. The BGACDC can boast that it has already helped over 1000 small businesses. Plus the staff is full of friendly, helpful people, some who've spent over twenty years serving their community.

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